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Contact Information

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Feel free to contact us. May be you have got questions about Christianity or you do have questios about your faith. We will not have all the answers but we would love to help you if we can.
There are several ways to get in touch with us:

Postal Adddress:

Seismic Radio
Post Office 15
Mailbox No. 630



Our Skype username: SeismicRadio
Please go to the Skype tab for further information. You will be able to see whether we are available on Skype.


We are also on Facebook. Our Facebook id is: SeismicRadio


Our twitter ID: SeismicRadio
Why not follow us on twitter for the latest updates, interesting radio shows or our latest uploads to our YouTube channel.


Seismic Chatroom
The chatroom will be used during live broadcasts together with FB and Skype. Feel free to use it and to try it out just in case someone is available to deal with your request!
You do not need to register or enter a password. Just enter your firstname and click on "Login"


Listen to Seismic:   


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