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Welcome to our resources page. Here you will find materials to listen to, to read, to study and even some to watch like comic strips and videos. As you scroll down, this page is quite long but depending on what you need we may be able to help you.
At the very bottom of this page you will find a range of useful links you may want to explore. They will lead to other websites.
The purpose of this page is to help you understand who Jesus Christ is. Why did he come to earth, what was his message and what does it mean to you?
If you are a Christian you will find a lot of interesting materials for your Kindle library or for your pdf reader. So spend some time on this page and feel free to download everything to your hearts content.

 Why Jesus?
What is the core message of the New Testament?
Click the audio file below. Several speakers will explain the what the New Testament is all about in a few minutes each.

Click to listen to a selection of short Gospel messages!
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Wilhelm Busch became a Christian in World War 1 as his friend sitting next to him at the front line told him a dirty joke and was hit by some random shrapnel which went straight to his heart and killed him. The thought of standing before the eternal after having told a dirty joke tormented him and he gave his life to Christ.
Later he became a minister of religion and started working in the Ruhrgebiet in Germany an area which was dominated by the mining and steel industries. The people living in the area were as hard as steel and tended to have little time for God. Pastor Busch tackled the tough guys of the area. His proclamation was so successful that the Nazis put him in prision several times for spoiling their efforts in getting all of the local youths won over for the Nazi cause.

The book below is compilation of messages Busch has given throughout his lifetime. The book is very popular in Germany and in Eastern Europe. He tackle all the basic questions of life with regard to the Bible.
Click on the book for the pdf and on the Kindle for .mobi file. Do a right click to download the file or just double click on the book to read it online. Select the Kindle for the book Kindle format!


" A rivetting read for young and old Christians alike and also for those who want to find out about Christianity, the wit and dry sense of humour and the life stories in the book are heart warming and keep you from putting it down!"
                                                                                 M. Schonborn

The Bible
World Literature and undoubtedly the most read book throughout the ages. Heavily contested, criticized and put down by many and yet for many people it is a source of hope, love, comfort and a deep treasure chest full of the most precious things. It is here where you can find out about the things Jesus has done, the way God has revealed himself to mankind. It is the only book which is filled with prophecies which have been fulfilled to the minutest detail throughout history. Here is your chance to download a copy for yourself.
If you are new to the Bible I would suggest to you to read the Gospel of John, then Luke and then the Book of Acts. After that just pray and let God guide you in your reading. There are amazing books like the Book of Proverbs or a song book like the Book of Psalms right in the centre of the Bible.

There are several versions for you to download from here:
The first Bible is American Standard pdf, the second King James is version pdf and the third is a mobi file of the King James Version for your Kindle.


Arno C. Gaebelein an outstanding theologian of his time and still relevant today. When various theologians tried to disprove the Bible at the beginning of the 20th century Gaebelein took up the challenge and began to write a commentary in defense of the Bible. If you begin to study the Bible and you are looking for some support or your are a Bible Elmer his works will help you to see the connections between various books and the context they were written in.

 Commentary NT               Commentary OT                               
Commentary NT    Commentary OT   The Work of Christ

Matthew Henry's commentary on the Bible has turned into a Christian classic. His commentary is very devotional and thorough. When you knuckle down to do some serious study of the Bible, Gaebelein will help you understand the context something is written in and Henry's will guide you to find nourishment and blessing for your soul. Why not have both pdf's open on your computer whilst you study your Bible?

     Matthew Henry's
Commentary to the Bible

Josephus Flavius was a Roman Jewish writer who wrote a history of the Jewish people intending to help the Roman mind appreciate Jewish culture. His works are interesting and eye opening to help understand some passages of the Old Testament. Josephus also write about the siege and destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. It is really interesting to study the events around that time.

The complete Works
of Josephus Flavius

The story of the church is one of suffering and bloodsheet. This Christian classic was written in the early days of the reformation where the memory of Christians being killed by other Christians of a different confession was still very much alive. Fox goes right back to the first century with the stories of Christians who paid with their lives for their faith.
An interesting and a reminder of the cost of following Christ paid by many even in our day and age.

   Small Fonts      Large Fonts

Alexander Hislop compares customs, traditions and worship within the Roman church to old pagan practices. The book is interesting to learn about the Roman church but also to gain an understanding of ancient cults.


The Book of Enoch
It is a book which is mentioned in the Bible in the book of Jude. It certainly is not a canonical book that is a book which has the authority as the 66 books in the Bible but it is an interesting read. A lot of things take some time to digest and there are a lot of question about it's authenticity. If it is authentic or at least parts of it are authentic it will give the reader a glimpse into the lifes of people living before the flood.


The Archko Volume is most certainly more controversial than the book of Enoch. The big question is whether it contains fact or fiction. Rev. Mahan went to Europe about 100 years ago and claims to have gotten hold of some documents kept in the Vatican archives dating back to the time Christ and dealing with the crucifixion, resurrection and birth of Jesus Christ. Also  many other aspects of the era are discussed in the volume.
If it is fiction the depiction of the resurrection is a very good suggestion of the way it could have happened, yet if it is real than this source is most explosive. The reader may be warned. The book has been published as the real thing but critical voices about Mahan and the possible source of the material rose up straight away after it's first publication.
Nevertheless it is a good read which one should take with a pinch of salt!


The Final Frontier reports on so called NDE's. NDE stands for Near Death Experience. It is a phenomenon of modern medicine where people who have sometimes been dead for extended periods are brought back to life. The experiences are quite varied. The most shocking accounts are from people who landed in Hell. It is an interesting book and it highlights the reality of Heaven and Hell as reported to people who have sometimes been clinically dead beyond the point of any hope.
The book is available in written format but also in audio format. Please click on the relevant icon below:


Final Frontier      NDE Reports           23 Min in Hell       A Land Unknown
  0:56hrs              1:40hrs              Bill Wiese 1hrs       Hell NDE 1:10hrs

How to recognise Christian Cults 

Unfortunately even within the church there are many people who use the pulpit as a platform to create a cult. Often the cult is focussed on one person or group of people. Inevitably some spiritual abuse takes place and the unwitting group members get exploited, sometimes to the point that they give up everything for the cult.
How do we recognise a cult?
What are the first signs of a local church turning into a cult?
How do I deal with friends and family members who got caught up in a cult?

There are two documents which are helpful in explaining the mechanisms of  cults and ways to recognise that spiritual abuse is actually taking place.
Both documents give an insight on how to deal with people got caught up in a cult.

RBC on Cults        Cults by John Edminston

John Noble a seasoned minister, author and founder of the Pioneer Movement and Spirit Connect has collected his vision and understanding of the Church and the way God is interacting with the Church and building his church in the book called - The Shaking!

You can order the book from Amazon or through Seismic Radio Alternately you can just download the audio version of the book for free  below. Feel free to listen to the introduction by John. The book read by John's daughter Sharon is divided into 22 chapters and read out in 7 audio files. The audiofiles are zipped together into one file. Feel free to comment on the book on our Facebook page.

Click to download the Audio Book
The Shaking
John Noble talking about his book
The Shaking

 At Seismic Radio we inherited part of John's Audio Library consisting mainly of talks from the 80ies and 90's. Most of the the library is on tape and we are slowly in the process of digitising the talks with the intention to broadcast some of them and to make the available to the public. Feel free to visit John Noble's audio library to download talks for free.

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The Crusades - An act of love?
Various articles and resources on the subject

An essay on a different view of the Crusades by Prof. Thomas Madden

  Article on God in a Nutshell by M. Schonborn

David Wilkerson - 1973 Endtime Prophecy

           Click the loudspeaker to download the talk!

CDB - Looking after your Broadcasting Needs

What is it all about?

New to the Faith or you know someone who is The following little flip book might help to bring Faith in Jesus Christ into perspective:

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